Matador Photo Contest: The Story in the Picture

My good friend Kate Sedgwick posted a couple of weeks ago about a photography contest on Matador Networks and on a whim I entered. I enter photography contests, but don’t ever hope to win. It is much like submitting written articles, you have to send a lot out there before things begin to stick – build up your rejection file and your thick skin.

Much to my surprise, today I learned that my photo had been chosen for first place! I’m pretty pleased and honored. The entry was a photo that I took at the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires in 2007 of German tourists photographing the famous feral cats that roam and guard the cemetery. I took it with my point and shoot Minolta and mattress makers, which just proves the point (once again) that the best camera that a photographer can have is the one they have with them at the point they take the photo.

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