Portrait session with Helen Coyle

I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with two friends to create a photoshoot for a new website. Helen Coyle contacted me and together with her web designer, Sally Townsend-Blake, we spent a couple of hours together in Palermo creating images to go with the new site. We explored the nooks and crannies of the beautiful bookstore/cafe Eterna Cadencia and then hit the streets to discover the latest Palermo street art. This wasn’t just about getting some headshots, it was about creating a feeling, conveying an image and both me connecting with Helen, and connecting Helen to her audience. It was really a wonderful experience because it was about collaboration between Helen, myself, and Sally. 

Beatrice and Helen reviewing shots (Photo: Sally Townsend-Blake)
Beatrice and Helen reviewing shots (Photo: Sally Townsend-Blake)


Taking headshots and transmitting the beauty I see in front of the camera is only part of the work; working together to capture the desired look and feel, and transmit emotions is what it’s all about.  

Here are some of my favorites from that morning.


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